Habsburg Honor Nazi Duty

BlueInk Review

“Author Tom Joyce knows his police procedure. And he knows Vienna. Daily life just after the Anschluss, if not vividly described, is realistically represented; the author has obviously done his research. The story itself, a dark tale of ‘a good person becoming a howling dog,’ has much appeal.”

Kurt Laroche

Whitestone, New York

“Murder, interrogation, and blackmail—these are a few of my favorite things, and this book has it all! It’s good to know that there are sequels to this book.”

Hugo Bowser

Franklin, Maine

“Subtle yet intense. I love how the plot transitions and the downplayed reveal of secrets. The protagonist is lovable with his sense of justice—strong and unvarying.”

About the Book

Vienna police inspector Karl Marbach has a strong sense of honor and reason as a man of the House of Habsburgs. With a reluctant heart, he becomes part of the SS in the Nazi annexation of Austria. However, when a Nazi army officer kills his close friend, Karl decides to become a vigilante to fight Nazism.

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About the Author

Tom Joyce worked in jails and penitentiaries in Ohio. During his military service, he facilitated de-Nazification proceedings in Frankfurt, Germany. He got a PhD from Cornell University after his military service and taught criminology and sociology courses afterward. Currently, he lives in Washington, DC, and is making his fifth book.


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